Corporate gift box (package A)
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Corporate gift box (package A)

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Corporate gifts are something you should consider giving to top performers, valued employees, important clients, or administrative staff. When the holidays roll around, it’s traditional for business owners and executives to purchase business-appropriate gifts. But gift-giving doesn’t have to be limited to the holiday shopping season. Giving gifts year-round is a great way to improve staff morale, thank an important client, or reward a key player in your company for outstanding work. No matter what your reason for shopping for a business gift might be, we’re here to help you find something thoughtful that’s still on-budget.

In this box contain:

2 pcs Singo pear

2 pcs  Red apple

2 pcs Navel late orange

4 pcs Green kiwi

400g Red seedless grapes

1 pack blueberry (125g)

Noted : If one of the fruits are out of stock or not fresh to be delivered, CARZO Fruit will inform customer to swap it with an equivalent or higher value fruits before delivery.